One tool you can use to effectively deal with disciplinary problems

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 15 Jan. 2015

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When employees misbehave, you must discipline them. Otherwise, there won’t be order in your workplace.

But you can’t just deal with disciplinary problems anyway you see fit.

If you do, you won’t get a handle on the problem. What’s more, you could land up at the CCMA. And lose a fortune.

Imagine that, landing up at the CCMA for taking action against someone who wronged you.

So what can you do to effectively deal with disciplinary problems?

Use this one tool, of course…

With this tool on your side, dealing with disciplinary problems will be a breeze

You must have a disciplinary policy in place.
This document describes the steps you will follow when you discipline employees who commit misconduct, says the HR Policies and Procedures Manual.
With a disciplinary policy, there’s always clarity on how your company manages and deals with disciplinary issues.
This way, you avoid the risk of dealing with disciplinary problems incorrectly. And you always follow the legal route.
What’s more, your policy makes it clear to your employees what kind of behaviour you accept and don’t. And what the consequences are if they don’t behave.
But for your disciplinary policy to work, you must consider certain points before you implement it…

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Here are some of the points to consider when implementing a disciplinary policy

You must decide:
  • The style and format of your policy – think about what will work best in your company.
  • If you want to have a list of offenses with their penalties. If you don’t want to list offenses with penalties, have guidelines on what you consider as serious misconduct and how you’ll apply progressive discipline.
  • What forms disciplinary action can take and for how long warnings will be valid.
  • Whether or not you’ll have an internal appeal process when it comes to disciplinary problems or decisions. (If you decide against an internal appeal, you must include in your policy that you’ll advise your employee to refer a dispute to the CCMA – this is a legal requirement.)
You’ll find the rest of the points to consider in the HR Policies and Procedures Manual. In the manual you’ll also find a disciplinary policy and 49 other legally approved HR Policies and Procedures your company can’t do without. You can customise the policy you want according to your company’s needs and hit the print button.
Remember, if you don’t effectively deal with disciplinary problems, you could land up at the CCMA and this is costly. So make sure you have a disciplinary policy and follow it when you take disciplinary action against your employees.

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