Performance management: How to supervise employees who work remotely

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 28 Jul. 2014

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You manage your employees’ performance every day.

You have everything planned out when it comes to performance management, from holding informal performance appraisals to checking how they’re doing on that new assignment, to the more formal appraisals where you assess their performance in a structured manner.

Well, when it comes to the employees you see every day that is…

But what about those employees who work remotely? When last did you check on them to see if they’re still on track to meet their goals?

If you’re one of the many employers who are guilty of neglecting employees who work remotely, use these five tips to supervise them so they can perform better too.

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Do you have a paper-shuffler working for you?

You know that person…
  • Always busy but never meets deadlines…
  • Always making excuses for why he doesn’t meet company targets…
  • He doesn’t meet his KPI’s…
  • And he’s constantly making costly mistakes…

The next logical step is to get rid of him and get someone who can do the job. But watch out, that could cost you BIG at the CCMA!

So what can you LEGALLY do?


Performance management also applies to employees who work remotely – use these tips to supervise them says while remote work has yet to overtake the traditional office and 9 to 5 workday, its ever-growing.

According to the site, more companies are allowing their employees to work remotely and some forgo a central office entirely.

So if your employees work remotely, you must adapt to the task of overseeing all these workers that are scattered across cities, states and time zones. You must supervise them as well so they’ll get better at what they do too.

How do you do this?

Here are five tips to supervise employees who work remotely

Effective communication with remote working staff is critical.

The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management recommends you use these suggestions:

  1. Establish regular times for discussing work progress with the staff member, e.g. by phone or Skype;
  2. Be clear about expectations and performance criteria;
  3. Organise team meetings that include remote employees joining via conference calls;
  4. Include remote employees when it comes to training, professional development and office social opportunities; and
  5. Remember that tone and context can be lost in an email, so set up some face-to-face meetings where possible.

The bottom line: Performance management also applies to employees who work remotely. Use the tips we’ve outlined to supervise them so they can perform better too.

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