Six ways pregnancy can affect your employee’s productivity. Find out what they are, so your company doesn’t suffer

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 24 Dec. 2014

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Usually, when employers get notice that one of their staff is pregnant, they give them maternity leave and carry on as usual.

Big mistake.

It can’t be business as usual because pregnancy affects your employee’s productivity. And it’s important you know how it affects it so you can put measures in place to make sure your company doesn’t suffer financially.

Take a look below at six ways pregnancy can affect your employee’s productivity…

Six aspects of pregnancy that may affect your employee’s productivity and what you can do to protect your bottom line

#1: Morning sickness
If, for example, your pregnant employee works an early morning shift, morning sickness can make it hard for her to work, says the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.
Solution: If possible, adapt her work conditions and let her work flexi-time.
#2: Backache and varicose veins
If your employee has to stand or sit long periods, she may develop backache and/or varicose veins.
Solution: Encourage her to take regular breaks to ease the strain on her back and joints.
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#3: Frequent visits to the toilet
Your pregnant employee may have to visit the toilet more often.
Solution: Make sure she has reasonable access to a toilet.
#4: Balance
Pregnancy can affect agility, co-ordination, reach and balance. This could make working on slippery or wet surfaces difficult.
Solution: Give your pregnant employee a chair to sit on or place anti-slip mats on the floor.
#5: Overtime and night-time work
Tiredness from pregnancy could make it hard for your employee to work overtime or night shifts.
Solution: You can give your employee rest periods or move her to an earlier shift that’s convenient for her.
Just remember that it’s illegal to allow a pregnant or breastfeeding employee to work between 18h00 and 06h00. You also can’t let her do work that could harm her or her child’s health.
#6: Confined workspaces
Your employee may not be able to work in a small space due to her size.
Solution: To accommodate her, you may have to change her workstation or move her to a place where it’s more comfortable for her to work.

Having solutions to these aspects won’t only protect your bottom line, they help you comply with your legal duties too

As you know, you have a duty to protect your pregnant employees.
So if you’re aware of how pregnancy affects your employee’s productivity and accommodate her, you’ll kill two birds with one stone.
She’ll continue to be productive which is good for your company and she and her child will be safe too and that means you’ve met your duty to protect her.
Now that you know how pregnancy can affect your employee’s productivity, take steps to make sure your company doesn’t suffer.




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