Three things you should never say to your employees during a performance review

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 26 Jun. 2014

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CBS says that your employees constantly watch you.

Say the wrong thing, no matter how unintentionally, and at the very least you send the wrong message. Sometimes what you say can even destroy employee morale.

So when it comes to performance reviews, avoid saying these three things to your employees…

Never say these three things during performance reviews

#1: “I’m in charge, so this is what we’re going to do”

Dealing with different opinions or even open dissent is challenging for any leader and can make you feel defensive and insecure. When that happens you might be tempted to fall back on the golden rule: She who has the gold makes the rules.

Don’t, writes Jeff Haden on CBS

He says, everyone knows you’re in charge. Saying you are instantly destroys any feelings of collaboration and teamwork.

When you can’t back up a decision with data or logic, it’s possible that it’s not the right decision. Don’t be afraid to back down and be wrong. Employees respect you even more when you admit when you make a mistake, says Haden.

That’s not all. Here are two more things you need to avoid saying during performance reviews.

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Two more things you need to avoid saying to employees during performance reviews

#2: “No”

According to Haden, “no” can be okay as long as it’s always followed with an explanation.

But, it’s better to say: “I don’t think we can, and here’s why...” or “I would like to, but here’s why we can’t...” or “That sounds like a great idea, but we’ll need to do a couple of things first...”

The important thing here is that you must explain. In fact, Haden says, “as a leader, explaining is near the top of your job description.”

#3: “I have a great opportunity for you”

Haden says, if you say this, the reality is that you just want your employee to agree to take on additional work or the project no one wants. If you say, “Mary, next week I’m assigning you to work on a new project with our best customer,” she immediately knows it’s a great opportunity. If you say, “Mary, I have a great opportunity for you next week I’m assigning you to sort out the problems in our warehouse,” she knows she just got stuck with a less-than-plum assignment.

“Any opportunity that’s really great requires no preface or setup. Don’t sell,” cautions Haden.

There you have it. Avoid these three things at all costs. And keep in mind that there are so many other things you need to avoid saying or doing when it comes to performance reviews. Be sure to check out this article. In it experts behind the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management outline four additional things every manager must avoid when conducting performance reviews.

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