Ask these four questions during exit interviews

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 18 Sep. 2014

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The only way to get the most from exit interviews is to ask relevant questions.

If you ask relevant questions you’ll get useful information. This means, you’ll be able to identify underlying organisational issues and facilitate the process of developing solutions to address them. The end result: Reduced employee turnover and increased productivity in your company.

So what kind of questions do you need to ask?

Read on to find out the four questions you need to ask when conducting exit interviews.

Four questions you need to ask when conducting exit interviews

Question#1: Why did you begin looking for a new job?

Asking this question opens up the opportunity for a variety of answers. You may see that an employee simply needed a job closer to home, or it may point to a specific instance or situation that sparked the search, says

Question#2: What ultimately led you to accept the new position?

According to the site, this question will allow you to contrast your company’s position with a different organisation’s. The key to this answer is actually in what you don’t see. For instance, if an employee indicates he’s leaving for higher pay, this could mean your compensation package isn’t competitive enough.
There are two more questions you need to ask.

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Two more questions to ask when conducting exit interviews

Question#3: What comments would you make about how you have been treated as an employee of the organisation?
According to the experts behind the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management, with this question, you’ll get to judge your organisational culture. For example, do you treat employees well, do you accommodate them and are you supportive as a company

Question#4: Did your manager work with you to map out your career progression within the organisation?

Hard working employees often leave a company because they want growth and aren’t getting it from the company.

So if you ask this question, you’ll get to assess whether or not managers make career progression a priority in your company. If you find they don’t, you must take steps to make sure they do so employees don’t leave your company.

These are just some of the questions you can ask to get the most from exit interviews. The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management has more questions for you, so check it out.

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