What’s the aim of exit interviews?

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 03 Sep. 2014

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Ever heard of something called an exit interview?

If not, an exit interview is an interview you have with a departing employee.

During this interview, you ask the employee who’s resigned to discuss the reasons for the departure and you review his history with your company.

So what’s the aim of this interview? Is it really necessary especially since your employee has cut ties with your company?

Keep reading to find out the answer so you can get the most from exit interviews.

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Explained: The purpose of exit interviews

According to the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management, the purpose of exit interviews is to:

#1: Address issues related to selection and recruitment and take steps to improve your overall recruitment process.

For example, it’s possible that your employee wasn’t a good match for the job description in the first place which means that you need to review your recruitment and selection systems.

Alternatively, the job description may have changed and your employee may not be a good match for the current position. So during the exit interview, you could determine that your employee doesn’t want to leave your company, he’s just overwhelmed and you can reverse the situation.

#2: Identify underlying organisational issues and facilitate the process of developing solutions to address them. The end result: Reduced employee turnover and increased productivity.

According to about.com, “exit interviews are key to organisation improvement since rarely will you receive such frank feedback from current employees.”

Now that you know the aim of exit interviews, conduct them every time an employee resigns so you can use the information you get to improve how you do things in your company.

For more information on exit interviews, for example, how to conduct them, who must conduct them, etc, checkout the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

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