You need to customise your HR policies and procedures so they’re relevant to your workplace. Consider these six points when you draft them

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 10 Dec. 2014

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Most employers know they must have HR policies and procedures in place.

They know these can help protect their businesses from landing up at the CCMA every time there’s a problem with an employee.

But many think HR policies and procedures are a one-size-fits-all solution.

Big mistake!

You must tailor your HR policies and procedures to be relevant to your workplace. If you don’t, they won’t achieve their objectives.

Don’t take chances.

Consider these six points when you draft your HR policies and procedures so you can customise them.

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The ONLY way to seamlessly protect your business from being dragged to the CCMA every time you have an employee problem is to have a comprehensive HR Policy Manual in place.


To make sure your HR policies and procedures suit your company, consider these six points when you draft them

The HR Policies and Procedures Manual says you must consider:
#1: The number of employees you have
If you have more than ten employees, you have to think about the number of policies and procedures you’ll need. (You may have to draft more). If you only have five employees, you might need the most important, basic policies.
#2: Your employee’s level of education
This will determine the simplicity of the language you need to use in your HR policies and procedures.
#3: Your managers and who they manage
You need to look at the number and types of employees your managers are in charge of.
This will make sure you give your policies to the relevant people.
#4: Whether or not there’s trade union in your workplace and the percentage
If, for example, most of your employees belong to unions, you must check the union’s policies and procedures and include them in your own policies.
#5: The number of workplaces you have
You need to think about whether you’ll implement the same HR policies and procedures across all your sites or if certain documents apply to certain sites.
#6: The industry you’re in
Taking this into account will make sure you don’t ignore union agreements or rules that apply to your industry when you draft your policies and procedures.
Remember, if you don’t customise your HR policies and procedures, they won’t be relevant to your workplace. And they won’t serve their purpose.
So make sure you always consider these points when you draft your HR policies and procedures.
PS: We strongly recommend you checkout HR Policies and Procedures Manual. It has 50 HR policies and procedures your company MUST have if you want to stay out of trouble at the CCMA.

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