Cut your recruitment time in half! Use these four methods to pick a great CV in minutes

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 23 Oct. 2014

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The fact that the unemployment rate is high in South Africa means, when you advertise a job, you’ll be inundated with hundreds of applications.

This means you’ll have to spend days sifting through CVs so you can short-list candidates who meet the job requirements. This will significantly waste your recruitment time and delay the process.

But what if we told you there’s a way to avoid this and actually cut your recruitment time in half?

All you need to do is learn to pick a great CV in minutes.

Here are four methods you can use to do this…

Pick a great CV in minutes and cut your recruitment time in half by using these four methods

Method 1: Check for consistency
According to, a good CV will have a consistent format that’s eye catching, easy to read and not overwhelming. Spacing and margins should all be consistent. There must be plenty of white space and the font size must be consistent throughout. Important points should be emphasised in bold, italics, bullets or a larger size.
Method 2: Check for accuracy
As you review the CV, you’ll need to look for inconsistencies in skills, qualifications, experiences and dates, says the site.
The site adds that many candidates also have employment gaps that are unaccounted for.
You must look for a CV that’s accurate with dates. If there are employment gaps, make sure they’ve been accounted for.

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The A-Z of legal recruitment

  • Did you know there are 11 legal requirements for recruitment?
  • Do you know how the Employment Equity Act affects your job advertisement?
  • Do you know what checks you can legally conduct on an applicant?
  • Are you sure your employment contract includes the 16 clauses the law says you must have?

If you don’t have all of these aspects correct, you’ll be on the wrong side of the law when it comes to your recruitment process.


Here are two additional methods to help you pick a great CV in minutes


Method 3: Check that the CV is accomplishment orientated
Everything on the page should be built around achievements, says Taryn Strugnell, the Managing Editor of the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.
She says it shouldn’t just be a laundry list of job titles. Applicants should explain what they’ve achieved in each position they’ve held.
Method 4: Check that the CV is clean and relevant
A great CV should contain no typos, no misspellings and no correction fluid.
Strugnell adds the CV must be relevant and emphasise recent work experience.
“A good CV tells you what a person is doing right now, not what he accomplished 15 years ago in university,” she says.
Using these four methods will help you pick a great CV in minutes. As a result, you’ll cut your recruitment time in half.
For more ways to help you spot the perfect CV in minutes, checkout Recruitment: The Complete Guide.

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