To create a successful job advertisement, consider these six points

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 03 Feb. 2015

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To attract the best candidates, you need a killer job advertisement.

Think of it like this: Your job ad must get the right people to buy into your job or company that you’re selling. Get this wrong and your recruitment drive will fail.

So how do you create a winning job advertisement?

Start by considering the following six points…

Six points you must consider to create a great job advertisement

#1: What do you want to achieve with the job advertisement?
In this area, ask yourself questions like:
  • Who do I want to hire?
  • How many candidates do I need to hire?
  • What’s my time frame?
  • What type of candidates do I want to reach?
#2: What message do you want to get across with your job advert?
Here, you need to think about:
  • The candidate’s duties;
  • The minimum qualifications he should have;
  • Your company details;
  • The candidate’s salary including benefits;
  • Working hours; and
  • Transport requirements.
Remember, if your message isn’t clear, “you won’t have the correct calibre of applicant applying,” says the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.
#3: How will you advertise the position (your medium?)
For example, will you use:
  • Newspapers;
  • Magazines;
  • Radio;
  • Television; or
  • The Internet.
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#4: Your budget
Advertising a job position in a Sunday newspaper is costly and might not reach your target audience, says the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service. So consider this because it will affect your budget – which you want to use wisely.
#5: Your applicant and how he’ll access your job advertisement
Chances are:
  • An IT applicant has access to the Internet;
  • A construction worker might buy the newspaper during lunchtime; and
  • A national sales manager or executive director might look in the business section of a leading newspaper on a Sunday.
You need to take all these factors into account. After all, the EE Act makes it clear that it’s unfair to place a job ad in a place where certain people may not have access to it.
This brings us to point number six…
#6: Where to advertise the position (the location)?
Think about whether you’ll advertise nationally, regionally or in a specific area (for example, you’ll advertise in Randburg, Kempton Park or Sandton).

Always remember this final point when it comes to job advertisements

“A job advertisement is the first impression candidates will get of your business. It’s therefore crucial that your company’s advert makes a good impression at the start of the candidate journey,” writes Sarah Mandeville, a recruitment manager at Gekko.
She adds, “getting the initial job advert wrong will prevent a successful and smooth running recruitment process.”
So be sure to consider these six points if you want to create a great job advertisement that attracts the best candidates.
PS: For practical advice, tools, checklists and samples that cover every single step of the recruitment process, get your hands on Recruitment: The Complete Guide.

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