You’ve hired the perfect candidate, now make sure you conduct seamless induction training

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 24 Oct. 2014

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Finally, your recruitment process is coming to an end.

After months of preparation, sifting through CVs, short-listing, conducting interviews and assessments as well as background checks, you’ve found the right candidate. You made him and offer and he accepted.

So what’s next?

Induction training of course!

You must conduct induction training so your new hire can learn the ropes fast and be more productive and effective quicker.

Here’s how to ensure you conduct seamless induction training.

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Do this to ensure you conduct seamless induction training

1. Introduce your new hire to your staff.
2. Give your employee the following documents to sign and explain them to him.
  • Letter of appointment;
  • Employment contract;
  • Confidentiality and restraint clauses;
  • Medical aid form;
  • Pension scheme information;
  • Code of conduct;
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedure;
  • Health and safety policy;
  • Evacuation procedures; and
  • Safety officer and committee.
3. Give your new hire the following information about his job
  • Job description;
  • Probation period;
  • Key Performance Areas (KPAs); and
  • Organogram.
4. Give your employee training on the following about your office lay-out
  • Parking and entry to building;
  • Reception area and key areas of the building; and
  • Access to building.
5. Give your new hire on the job training if necessary.
6. Give your new employee information about terms and conditions of service. This includes:
  • Hours of duty, core hours and flexible working hours;
  • Payroll information;
  • Leave provisions and application for leave; and
  • Sick leave policy and notification rules.
Remember, your recruitment process isn’t done until you’ve conducted induction training. Make sure it’s seamless now that you have the know-how.
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