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Good day

I would like some advice on the following matter:
We have had a suspicion for a long time that the lady cleaning our house is taking our meat in the freezer and the food in the fridge. Our arrangement with her is that if there are any leftovers from the previous night she must put it in a lunch box and put it in the fridge, if there is anything that we do not want, we will give it to her or put it on a specific place for her to take.
We have CCTV cameras in our house and when we went to look at it, we saw the following:
She is late about everyday
She eats the whole day
She drinks our milk
She eats our food in the fridge
She helps herself to meat in our freezer, and;
She takes lunch for more than an hour everyday.
In our eyes this is theft as we did not give her any food in our fridge, we did not give her permission to drink our milk, and we certainly did not give her permission to take meat out of our freezer.
What are the right procedures to follow if we want to dismiss her?

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 User  SJVR asked at 08 Aug. 2017


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