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You MUST display a summary of the Basic Conditions of Employment  Act and Employment Equity where all employees can see it. This is a mandatory notice for all employers, no matter how many people you employ – 1 or 100!
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hi, I m paraplegic working at mines around Carletonville. my name is Israel, was involved in MVA in 2002 suffered complete spinal injury. I m permantly using wheelchair.

I m feeling discriminated at my work place, the was a time I come to work and I suffered diarrohoa was told to go home by my supervisor the following day was called in my snr office told I wont get shift for the day as I didn't work. I send my supervisor an email last year around april till today I haven't got the answer. the email I sent to them was, are you guys discriminating me against my physical disability or what?

currently there was a post at work and it was kept under carpet up till someone come knocking to my office asking where was the interview taking place I was shocked because the post was not advertise, I then ask my supervisor why was not the post advertise she told me it needed a trade since I don't have a trade she didn't bother to let me know, however, there are some employees who are currently on the post but don't have trade.

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 User  Imonene asked at 28 Jun. 2017


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