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"Commission vs basic salary"

"What are the requirements for a Call Center re Commission v/s basic Salary"

What is the current legislation regarding a Call Center regarding a basic Salary, yes or no ? or can only a Commission basis be used ?
The current Laws on Wholesale workers etc., require 2/3 of basic Salary plus the Commission on Sales,etc ? How does a Call Center compare with this. A Call Center currently only pays Commission on successful calls for recruitment ? Is this practice correct or not !! New members sometime end up taking less than a R1000 pm home ??? Surely like all the other Commission based workers there must be a minimum and what is that Minimum ??

Kindly furnish me with detail regarding Legislation and conditions of Employment !

Any other info would be highly appreciated !!

Kind Regards

Peter Bam

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 User  bamswfhs asked at 25 Jan. 2018


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