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"Refusing to work contracted hours"

Good Day,

An employee informed the manager that we need to reduce her working hours per month significantly as she can no longer work the hours that she was appointed to work. The business cannot reduce her hours as operatinally we need to her to be here for the amount of hours per month that she was appointed for and as was indicated in her contract of employment 2 yesrs ago. The reason she is giving is that she is now a fulltime student and can only work 3 days a week for 5 hours per day.

What is our recourse?

Thank you

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 User  jambrosini asked at 14 Mar. 2017


2 answers

Taryn Strugnell
 Expert Taryn Strugnell answered to question to 17 Mar. 2017
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The employee cannot simply reduce her working hours and is in breach of her employment contract.

If she is unable to work the hours, and you are unable to accommodate her with less hours, then you would need to proceed with dismissal due to operational requirements.

You must make sure you follow substantively and procedurally fair procedures though, with full consultation of the employee.

 User jambrosini answered the user’s Taryn Strugnell to 17 Mar. 2017
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Thank you. Much appreciated

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