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"Resignation and working hours"


An employee 14/03/2017. Our contracts state working hours but all employees has verbally agreed to long hours in summer an shorter in winter due to my industry

Now that she has resigned she is only prepared to work hours s set in her contract which is 06:45 to 17:15.

The 17:15 id to early for me as we still work then

My questions

1. Is management allowed to adjust the working hours of an employee as long as it does not exceed the amount of hours specified in the contract. In this case 10H30 including lunch. I told her to work form 07H45 to 18H15. She then told me that if she has resigned I am not allowed to change working hours..
I told her I do have the right to change the hours. she then said in that case she is going. She took her back, left and went straight to CCMA

Who is in the right and who is in the right. If the employer is well within his rights here could someone also give me articles no and clauses from labour law as if I persue this matter I will need it for CCMA

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 User  andremar asked at 15 Mar. 2017


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Taryn Strugnell
 Expert Taryn Strugnell answered to question to 31 Mar. 2017
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Good day, this is a public forum that does not guarantee answers.

However, you cannot normally unilaterally change an employee's working hours. But since she has already opened a case at the CCMA, I think it would be best to seek legal advice in this matter.

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