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"0% increase"

Hi, have been given my increase letter stating that arising from Company review it has concluded that you current rate of pay is satisfactory to relevant considerations and shall remain unchanged. All other parties and Head of departments recieved 7.5 %
The explanation given is that i am overpaid in my position and they want to align all salaries for similar positions.
My feeling is that i have been with company 17 years and that my salary was negotiated as such when starting.
When previously asked why we only get 7.5% the explantion then that it was to maintain your standard of living according to inflation.
So now must my standard of living drop to accomodate someone with much less knowledge and experience than me.
I really feel that i am being victimised as no real explanation or suitable answers are given. Is 17 years loyal service not good enough for an increase?

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 User  GarthN asked at 13 Apr. 2016


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Wouter Van Heerden
 Expert Wouter Van Heerden answered to question to 14 Apr. 2016
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Dear Garth,
I can see how this left you aggrieved and you have the fullest right to formally table your concerns with your employer motivating your increase and fair treatment. Remember that there is no obligation in law on the company to give increases and that this is a matter of mutual interest between the employer and employee (must/can be negotiated). I am in no position to comment your the length and quality of your service but if the company is willing to take such a step and make such statement, I do hope that their facts are right and that in comparison to other HOD`s, you are remunerated as they say you are, otherwise it would seriously damage the relationship. Be reminded that there is a process of withholding your labour that can be followed to compel the employer to give you the increase...

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