26072017 asked:
We park our vehicles in front of our company offices. One Friday afternoon a storm came up and my and everyone else's vehicles were damaged by Hail. [read more]
Published at 13 Dec. 2017 in: CCMA Discrimination
Imonene asked:
hi, I m paraplegic working at mines around Carletonville. my name is Israel, was involved in MVA in 2002 suffered complete spinal injury. I m [read more]
Published at 28 Jun. 2017 in: Employment Equity Discrimination
I whas discriminat and I'll treatment and that in front of my work members I had to go to the dokter for all the major depression they cost in my life [read more]
Published at 14 Feb. 2017 in: CCMA Discrimination
Kenan asked:
What is the best way to eliminate discrimination in our company? [read more]
Published at 17 Aug. 2015 in: Employment Equity Employment equity Discrimination Eliminate discrimination 1 answer
Linda asked:
Our company offers employees a day-care facility for parents. One of the employees can't afford to pay the day-care anymore. The care lady has since [read more]
Published at 02 Jul. 2015 in: Employment Equity Discrimination Day-care facility 1 answer
GuguS asked:
I need assistance with dealing with Racism in the workplace. An employee keeps undermining another employee on the basis of being black, they are [read more]
Published at 01 Jul. 2015 in: Policies and procedures Discrimination 2 answers
Bella asked:
If I give 5 employees (programmers) a 10% increase, can I tell the 6th employee(admin) that they don't get an increase due to the fact they add no [read more]
Published at 24 Mar. 2015 in: CCMA Discrimination 2 answers
Kenan asked:
If there are two candidates with the same qualifications and experience, and we have to select one for the position, can we select a black person or [read more]
Published at 25 Feb. 2015 in: Employment Equity Employment equity Discrimination Affirmative action 1 answer
Sandy asked:
One of the candidates we interviewed for a job cant speak English properly. Can we tell her he didn't get the job because of his lack of fluency? [read more]
Published at 25 Feb. 2015 in: Employment Equity Employment equity Discrimination 1 answer
Fasu asked:
Will it be unfair discrimination if we choose not to hire a person who has small children for a senior position? And instead hire a single woman/man [read more]
Published at 25 Feb. 2015 in: Employment Equity Employment equity Discrimination 1 answer
Linda asked:
One of the managers at work has declined a candidates application after hearing he votes for the EFF and not the manager's preferred political party. [read more]
Published at 25 Feb. 2015 in: Employment Equity Employment equity Discrimination 1 answer
sma asked:
Are there any rules I need to follow when doing medical tests during the recruitment process? Does the EE Act mention anything about this? [read more]
Published at 19 Feb. 2015 in: Employment Equity Eea Discrimination Ee act Employment equity act Recruitment Medical tests Recruiting 1 answer
sma asked:
How can I eliminate unfair discrimination in my workplace? I’ve heard employers land at the CCMA for not dealing with this issue all the time. [read more]
Published at 02 Feb. 2015 in: Employment Equity Discrimination Unfair discrimination Ccma 1 answer
Darren asked:
Our company is looking for a receptionist at the moment. There's one candidate who seems to be the perfect match for the job. But, the manager [read more]
Published at 19 Jan. 2015 in: Recruitment Recruitment Discrimination Disability 1 answer

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Published at 06 Feb. 2018 1 answer
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