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Employer59 asked:
If my domestic worker absconds, what do I need to do? She doesn't answer her phone. How long do I have to wait before assuming she is not coming [read more]
Published at 26 Jul. 2017 in: Dismissals Absconsion 2 answers
tracysos asked:
What is the most advisable route to follow in transferring an employee from a current location to head office, and changing their Title and JD - as [read more]
Published at 12 Jul. 2017 in: Dismissals Transfers
aspuitsig asked:
Tot watter mate word 'n termynkontrak beinvloed wanneer die werkgewer besluit om agv bedryfsvereistes artikel 189 op 'n werknemer met 'n [read more]
Published at 03 Jul. 2017 in: Dismissals Fixed term contract
Marcdt asked:
Good day. I've been working for a company for 2 and a half years now, upon employment I never received a written or verbal contract stating [read more]
Published at 12 Jun. 2017 in: Dismissals Resignation
I have a difficult case. I will try to be brief. I have been diagnosed by my GP/Physiologist/Neurologist and Psychiatrist as suffering from early [read more]
Published at 31 May. 2017 in: Dismissals Ill-health retrenchment
TheresaM asked:
Please advise on the non payment of salary. Employee has worked for employer for several years. Since February employer has not paid salary on time [read more]
Published at 18 May. 2017 in: Dismissals Forced resignation
ddurandt asked:
The company has been busy with a process of retrenchment and other changes for a while now. It is a VERY successful company, so the changes are [read more]
Published at 18 May. 2017 in: Dismissals Retrenchment packages
Photos more Sent Mail Harassment and unlawful disciplinary and sacking M Marc to advice 3 hours agoDetails Dear Sir or Madam I have [read more]
Published at 10 Apr. 2017 in: Dismissals False charges
belindaj asked:
I have been reading up on procedures for retrenchments for understanding and acquiring knowledge for this area of HR: 1. Has the process [read more]
Published at 07 Apr. 2017 in: Dismissals Retrenchments
SmoleyKat asked:
An employee admit guilt at a formal inquiry(session was done under visual and audio recording with the consent of the employee), the employee has [read more]
Published at 07 Apr. 2017 in: Dismissals Immediate resignation during suspension 1 answer
RBRAUDE asked:
Good day, I am about to dismiss a part time employee of mine. There is no contract in place, they work 3 days a week totaling about 27 hours a [read more]
Published at 20 Mar. 2017 in: Dismissals 1 answer
mikeymike asked:
My employer wishes me to sign a voluntary retrenchment (in full and final settlement) to make way for someone else. The business is a small family [read more]
Published at 13 Mar. 2017 in: Dismissals Forced voluntary retrenchment
thembi723 asked:
I was recently dismissed before then I was given a final written warning whilst training for this new job for misconduct that will be not following [read more]
Published at 04 Mar. 2017 in: Dismissals
Gertus asked:
My mother-in-law has recently relocated to another province, she has had a domestic worker that has worked for her for about 35 years. She used to [read more]
Published at 27 Feb. 2017 in: Dismissals Termination of contract due to relocation

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I need to know if consecutive leave days include public holidays? Should I be forfeiting leave days if they fall over...[read more]
Published at 13 Dec. 2017 1 answer
A staff member asked to take leave for three weeks in 6 months time to visit his elderly mother in Australia. This was...[read more]
Published at 26 Jan. 2018 1 answer
Hi, I work 5 hours a day (8am to 1pm). Am I entitled to any sort of break?[read more]
Published at 16 Jan. 2018 1 answer
Good morning, Kindly confirm if the below constitute for family responsibility leave please. I fell ill two days...[read more]
Published at 08 Jan. 2018 1 answer
Published at 18 Dec. 2017 1 answer
My domestic worker told me she is pregnant, she will be working for me for about 2 years now and we have not registered...[read more]
Published at 06 Feb. 2018 1 answer
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