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Yoosuf asked:
While I understand the importance of aligning your R&S strategy with your EE targets the status of foreign nationals surfaces in a debate the other [read more]
Published at 24 Nov. 2016 in: Employment Equity Employment
bronwynnv asked:
To determine whether you are a designated employer according the EEA, you must either employ 50 or more staff or have an annual turnover as per [read more]
Published at 02 Nov. 2016 in: Employment Equity Amendment to schedule 4
theresa18 asked:
Good day, My question concerns the completion of the EEA2 form with regards to employees transferred from one of our branches to another branch. [read more]
Published at 27 Oct. 2016 in: Employment Equity Ee reporting 2016
nasy asked:
I went for an interview at a financial institution. I was told by the manager that the interview went well. I was then told by HR to gi for a [read more]
Published at 08 Sep. 2016 in: Employment Equity Dispute
gjonket asked:
How do I work out how much leave pay is due to me [read more]
Published at 06 Aug. 2016 in: Employment Equity Annual leave
Naushiena asked:
Good day. How is the EE Act linked to succession planning and internal staff movements? Eg. Africans are understated yet there is an internal [read more]
Published at 28 Jul. 2016 in: Employment Equity Succession planning vs ee stats
Gakgamatso asked:
I was promoted a year and half back and the remuneration was not adjusted to match the position. My manager has since showed less interest when I [read more]
Published at 21 Jul. 2016 in: Employment Equity Remuneration 1 answer
Naushiena asked:
Good day. Please can you inform me whether the EEA2 and/or the EEA13 should be made available to all employees of the organisation in which these [read more]
Published at 28 Jun. 2016 in: Employment Equity Eea forms 2 answers
andremar asked:
Hi I just got the shock of my life. I registered my company with Workmanship Compensation fund. I did the assessment and WOW I need to pay R [read more]
Published at 21 Jun. 2016 in: Employment Equity Workmanship compensation fund 3 answers
What is the two acts that they impact the employees [read more]
Published at 25 May. 2016 in: Employment Equity 1 answer
Avobear asked:
Is an employer allowed to ask about candidates having mental illness during interview. Does a candidate have to reveal mental illness as a [read more]
Published at 19 May. 2016 in: Employment Equity Incapacity;mental illness; discrimination 1 answer
Snethembam asked:
name six methods used when you wish to verify the accuracy and validity of information when issues arise in your organisation [read more]
Published at 18 May. 2016 in: Employment Equity Studying 1 answer
In order to get maximum BEE points, we have put the relevant "black" staff on training at great financial cost to the company. Some of these staff [read more]
Published at 11 May. 2016 in: Employment Equity Bee 2 answers
Rayghaana asked:
What is the role/duties of EE representatives [read more]
Published at 20 Apr. 2016 in: Employment Equity Employment equity plan 1 answer

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I need to know if consecutive leave days include public holidays? Should I be forfeiting leave days if they fall over...[read more]
Published at 13 Dec. 2017 1 answer
A staff member asked to take leave for three weeks in 6 months time to visit his elderly mother in Australia. This was...[read more]
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My domestic worker told me she is pregnant, she will be working for me for about 2 years now and we have not registered...[read more]
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