Injury on duty

DorothyD asked:
Good day I trust that you can give me some on advise on this issue My husband (David) runs his own “IT” business. He works as a private [read more]
Published at 20 Oct. 2017 in: Policies and procedures Injury on duty
Deena3 asked:
an employee was about to sit on a chair and another employee pulled the chair away, as it was obstructing her locker door. she claims she did not [read more]
Published at 28 Aug. 2015 in: Laws / Acts / DoL Injury on duty 2 answers
Ilenepower asked:
an employee advised that she is booked off for post traumatic stress disorder due to an incident that took place during work hours (misconduct of [read more]
Published at 13 Aug. 2015 in: Labour & HR Helpdesk Injury on duty 1 answer
My employee attended a conference, and in the evening when going to bed, fell in her hotel room and injured herself. The conference venue did take [read more]
Published at 09 Jul. 2015 in: Laws / Acts / DoL Injury on duty 1 answer
Janke asked:
If one of my employees signs out for lunch and does private work for another employer, and is injured, who is responsible? What happens if he [read more]
Published at 22 May. 2015 in: Labour & HR Helpdesk Injury on duty 1 answer
Sandile asked:
My employee was injured on duty and was unable to work for four months. I continued to pay him 75% of his salary, but didn’t accrue his annual [read more]
Published at 22 May. 2015 in: Labour & HR Helpdesk Injury on duty 1 answer
04/05/2015 12:20 - Marie Fourie wrote: Good day Louise, I have a question regarding a specific injury if it could be regarded as an IOD, and [read more]
Published at 13 May. 2015 in: Policies and procedures Injury on duty 2 answers
rowena asked:
I have previously worked for a retail company , I was gunpointed and beaten with a metal pole. the retail company at the time paid for my medical [read more]
Published at 06 Oct. 2014 in: Labour & HR Helpdesk Injury on duty 1 answer
samanthab asked:
Can anyone recommend a good training provider in Pretoria/Midrand for a basic guide on how to handle an injury on duty and the legalities around [read more]
Published at 11 Mar. 2014 in: Laws / Acts / DoL Injury on duty 1 answer
murielj asked:
I need clarity, what happen to a persons normal annual leave if unable to take since booked of for a long period because of a injury on duty? (Off [read more]
Published at 14 Feb. 2014 in: Leave Injury on duty 2 answers
abram asked:
In December 2007 while working as a basic life support paramedic I was involved in a motor vehicle accident while on duty which left permanently [read more]
Published at 23 Jan. 2014 in: Employment terms and conditions Promotion Injury on duty 1 answer
Please advise whether the Employer is obliged to continue paying a seasonal Employee who has been booked off due to an injury on duty for a period [read more]
Published at 07 Aug. 2013 in: Leave Injury on duty 1 answer
riana asked:
Can an employee, after reaching an agreement with her employer and withdrawing a case at the CCMA, re-open that case again? [read more]
Published at 09 Jul. 2013 in: CCMA Injury on duty 1 answer
Darren asked:
Have employee who was involved in a car accident while off duty. The doctor has booked him off for two months with a back injury. After he exhausts [read more]
Published at 11 Apr. 2013 in: Laws / Acts / DoL Coid Injury on duty Car accident 2 answers

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