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Good Day, I hope you could assist. I work in the Retail Motor Industry, Our company is registered under RMI, MIBCO. According to what I [read more]
Published at 27 Oct. 2016 in: Leave Sick leave 2 answers
Hawker90 asked:
good day, i have an issue i need to resolve regarding my salary being deducted due to being ill and not being able to work even though i have many [read more]
Published at 27 Oct. 2016 in: Leave Sick leave
Suretha34 asked:
Hi I would like to know if your sickleave days are finished and you are absent from work. Can they deducted from your salary and how many sickleave [read more]
Published at 26 Oct. 2016 in: Leave Sick leave 1 answer
evanpetzer asked:
Hi, I'm in a sticky situation, resantly we started working 12 hours shifts 7 day's at work 7 day's out. I'm working for a government institution, now [read more]
Published at 19 Oct. 2016 in: Leave Sick leave Vacation leave.
Lit2016 asked:
Good Day Is it legal if a company does not pay for sick days (even if the employee has sick entitlement) in the following scenarios: The [read more]
Published at 18 Oct. 2016 in: Leave Can company decline to pay for entitled sick days in certain circumstances
khorn asked:
According to the law I am entitled to take leave when my child ( daughter ) is sick after having a operation. Does it specify what age the child must [read more]
Published at 18 Oct. 2016 in: Leave Family responsibility leave
nicegirl asked:
An employee repots to be sick ,every month sick from different conditions;gynaecology,dental ,medical etc,And despite several talks it goes on. but [read more]
Published at 18 Oct. 2016 in: Leave Sick leave
MarcoPolo asked:
I started work on 2 April 2015 for a security company. This year I applied for my annual leave in June but has been set aside twice. I then applied [read more]
Published at 16 Oct. 2016 in: Leave Annual leave
Does family responsibility leave, include my in laws? Father and mother [read more]
Published at 08 Oct. 2016 in: Leave Family responsibility 1 answer
400101087 asked:
How many days to take when a grandparent passed away [read more]
Published at 06 Oct. 2016 in: Leave Family responsibility 2 answers
waynepage asked:
Hi,i am a police official,can i take family responsabillity if my spouses grand father passed away [read more]
Published at 05 Oct. 2016 in: Leave Family responsabillity 1 answer
I have been very sick the past couple of years I think its due mainly to stress at work. I am sick almost every week and month I'm almost exhausted [read more]
Published at 26 Sep. 2016 in: Leave Sick leave
Kurtzhan asked:
If an employee works half-day (4.5 hours per day) and has a fixed term contract of 12 (twelve) months, is there a formula to calculate annual leave [read more]
Published at 16 Sep. 2016 in: Leave Sick & annual half day
Bronwynn asked:
I know employees are allowed 1 day sick leave without a medical certificate, does this include a Friday or Monday? [read more]
Published at 12 Sep. 2016 in: Leave Sick leave 1 answer

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I need to know if consecutive leave days include public holidays? Should I be forfeiting leave days if they fall over...[read more]
Published at 13 Dec. 2017 1 answer
A staff member asked to take leave for three weeks in 6 months time to visit his elderly mother in Australia. This was...[read more]
Published at 26 Jan. 2018 1 answer
Hi, I work 5 hours a day (8am to 1pm). Am I entitled to any sort of break?[read more]
Published at 16 Jan. 2018 1 answer
Good morning, Kindly confirm if the below constitute for family responsibility leave please. I fell ill two days...[read more]
Published at 08 Jan. 2018 1 answer
Published at 18 Dec. 2017 1 answer
My domestic worker told me she is pregnant, she will be working for me for about 2 years now and we have not registered...[read more]
Published at 06 Feb. 2018 1 answer
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