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mac asked:
If an employee's contract has a calendar month notice but they have worked for less than one year, should two weeks notice pay be paid or a calendar [read more]
Published at 09 Jan. 2018 in: Employment terms and conditions Notice pay
Jattiem asked:
Is notice payable for employee terminated due to non performance in probation period after 1 months service. [read more]
Published at 20 May. 2016 in: Dismissals Notice pay 1 answer
colint asked:
I work for a company that employs 190 people.On the 9 October they notified my division of 6 people we are undergoing retrenchment but only us 6 are [read more]
Published at 13 Oct. 2015 in: Dismissals Notice pay 1 answer
sylb asked:
I had a lady coming to clean my house once a week, this was not regular and was on an as an when basis when I could afford it. I have not had her in [read more]
Published at 25 Jun. 2015 in: Dismissals Notice pay 1 answer
Sandy asked:
One of our employees passed away. We’ve paid his salary up to the date of death, but his estate is claiming we owe notice and severance pay. Do [read more]
Published at 22 Jun. 2015 in: Laws / Acts / DoL Notice pay Severance pay to dead employee 1 answer
Bonnie1967 asked:
I resigned and was told the next day to take my stuff and,.The next day another director told me my resignation was accepted and that I could [read more]
Published at 09 Apr. 2015 in: Labour & HR Helpdesk Notice pay 1 answer
Sandy asked:
When terminating an employee's employment, do we use his remuneration or wage to calculate his leave pay/notice pay? [read more]
Published at 28 Jan. 2015 in: Employment terms and conditions Employment contract Terminating employee's leave pay Notice pay 1 answer
YushantaM asked:
Good day When a company is bought over by another company and the employees are taken over as well, is the original company still suppose to pay [read more]
Published at 20 Jun. 2014 in: Employment terms and conditions Notice pay 1 answer
zelda3375 asked:
I have an employee who just left without giving any notice. I found out the next week that he got an offer at another company and is now working [read more]
Published at 26 May. 2014 in: Employment terms and conditions Notice periods Notice pay 1 answer
malini asked:
If an employee gives one resignation with immediate effect and the employer agrees.Does the employer still have to pay the notice pay ?. [read more]
Published at 05 May. 2014 in: Leave Notice period Notice pay Immediate resignation 1 answer
aroon naiker
an employee requests a day off on a thur to see his cousin in hospital. we said he could go an over the weekend. We have work pressure and demands [read more]
Published at 06 Apr. 2014 in: Employment terms and conditions Notice pay Leave pay Abscond 1 answer
aroon naiker
If we did not add in the contact of employemnt that notice pay will be deducted from an employee if not given can one still deduct? [read more]
Published at 06 Apr. 2014 in: Employment terms and conditions Notice pay Notice period Pay deductions 1 answer
aroon naiker
What if we didnt state in th the empoyment contract in the notice for termination that notice pay will be deducted if no notice is given by the [read more]
Published at 06 Apr. 2014 in: Employment terms and conditions Notice pay Notice for termination Employment contract 1 answer
louise4976 asked:
When you dismiss an employee after a hearing when do you still have to pay notice pay and when not [read more]
Published at 01 Apr. 2014 in: Dismissals Notice pay 2 answers

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