Severance pay

If an employee has moved from full-time employment to half day with the associated reduction in salary and is now to be retrenched on what is the [read more]
Published at 29 Oct. 2017 in: Dismissals Severance pay
Sandy asked:
What does the BCEA say about retrenchments and severance pay? [read more]
Published at 02 Sep. 2015 in: Labour & HR Helpdesk Retrenchment Severance pay Bcea 1 answer
Veronica asked:
Can you please clarify these question for me. Are you as the employer obliged to pay a severance package to an employee that was re-engaged with a [read more]
Published at 30 Jul. 2015 in: Labour & HR Helpdesk Severance pay 2 answers
L1ndaCalv asked:
My mother employed a lady, Elizabeth, for 30 years. Part of this period was full-time with the lady living on the property. As years when on and [read more]
Published at 05 Jun. 2015 in: CCMA Severance pay
LinkyB9891 asked:
I would like to dismiss my gardener. He has worked for me for one day a week for five years. What is he entitled to on dismissal. I am no longer [read more]
Published at 06 Jan. 2015 in: Dismissals Severance pay 2 answers
Good Day Myself and a few other employees has been retrenched as at 28 Feb 2015, we received our severance pay packages, we are all obviously now [read more]
Published at 24 Nov. 2014 in: Labour & HR Helpdesk Severance pay 1 answer
sma asked:
Hi there. My company is retrenching. Do I have any legal obligations when it comes to severance pay? [read more]
Published at 13 Nov. 2014 in: Employment terms and conditions Severance pay Retrenchment Retrenching 1 answer
LabourMole asked:
The family has a domestic worker, who has been working for plus minus 10 years. The problem is that we can no longer afford to pay her due to [read more]
Published at 30 Sep. 2014 in: Employment terms and conditions Severance pay 2 answers
Kenan asked:
What does the BCEA say about retrenchments and severance pay? [read more]
Published at 29 Aug. 2014 in: Dismissals Retrenchments Severance pay 2 answers
LabourMole asked:
What is "Voluntary severance Package'? Where and how does it apply? [read more]
Published at 10 Jul. 2014 in: Employment terms and conditions Severance pay 1 answer
Emmam asked:
Is it possible that the trade union find the LIFO principle and the general rule of severance pay unfair and further ask for two weeks pay out [read more]
Published at 23 Jun. 2014 in: Dismissals Dismissal Severance pay 1 answer
mpho ramapepe
Section 41 (4) of BCEA states - An employee who unreasonably refuses to accept the employer's offer of alternative employment with that employer or [read more]
Published at 16 Apr. 2014 in: Laws / Acts / DoL Severance pay 1 answer
carolb asked:
Hi, What happen in the case of a Domestic Worker who absconded in April, has subsequently obtained alternate employment, and then in December went [read more]
Published at 17 Jan. 2014 in: CCMA Severance pay 1 answer
Janke asked:
I’m retrenching employees. What are my obligations when it comes to severance pay? [read more]
Published at 14 Jan. 2014 in: Dismissals Retrenchments Retrenchments and severance pay Severance pay 1 answer

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