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"Witholding information during interview"

An employee started with us and need to go on maternity leave 1 month after she started and failed to inform us that she was 7 months pregnant when she came for the interview. What recourse does the company have?

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 User  jambrosini asked at 07 Oct. 2015


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 User adelina answered to question to 09 Oct. 2015
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You could discipline the employee for misrepresenting herself. BUT remember, if you discipline an employee on the basis that she is pregnant, it can be seen as discrimination and according to the law if this is proven on discrimination then you as the Employer can pay her up to 24 months pay. I understand that this is quite inconvenient and not correct of the employee as to not inform you, however you could aslo consider letting her go on unpaid maternity leave.

Tracey Ndlovu
 Expert Tracey Ndlovu answered the user’s adelina to 13 Oct. 2015
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