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- Drafting your recruitment and selection policy? Include these four items to make sure it’s legally compliant
- Update your employment contracts in January or prepare to face fines from the DoL and SARS
- Drafting HR policies and procedures? Follow these four golden rules or they won’t achieve their objectives
- Read this before you dismiss an AWOL employee or be prepared for an unfair dismissal case
- Use this six-point checklist to deal with absconding employees and avoid paying up to 12 months’ remuneration as compensation
- Know what the BCEA says about taking annual leave during notice periods so you can comply
- Great news: Not all your employees are entitled to family responsibility leave
- According to the BCEA, you MUST grant family responsibility leave in these two instances
- Did you know: There are three types of bonuses you can pay?
- Am I allowed to ask for con-arb even if the case hasn’t been set down for it?
- Here’s how to legally avoid being taken to the CCMA if Nathan is unhappy about being dismissed
- Three vital points you need to know about CCMA conciliation
- What’s the difference between constructive dismissal and summary dismissal?
- Here’s what’ll happen if Thabo disputes his retrenchment
- Retrenchments 101: What you need to know about the Section 189(3) notice
- “How long must I consult with employees and their representatives before I retrench?”
- Find out how retrenchment differs from any other type of dismissal
- Is there a difference between misconduct and poor performance procedures?
- Is there a difference between normal performance management and performance management for executives?
- Managers: Here are three more tips you can use to become a better listener
- What’s the difference between wage agreements and employment contracts?
- What do you do when your employee falls off the face of the earth and goes AWOL?
- Am I required to pay my employee’s medical aid, pension fund and fringe benefits while she’s on maternity leave?
- Three unconventional tips to help you reduce absenteeism in your workplace
- Do you know the hidden reason to your employees’ absenteeism?
- How to differentiate absenteeism from desertion
- Revealed: The true effects of sexual harassment in the workplace
- Revealed: Three legal reasons you can use to dismiss an employee
- Are you disciplining your employees unfairly?
- Join the management elite who know how to improve staff productivity by 32%
- Here are 3 more ways to prevent sick leave abuse in your company
- When how and why you are allowed to dismiss
- NEVER EVER make these 4 mistakes when disciplining an employee
- 2 Strategies to stop sick leave abuse today
- 3 Absenteeism excuses you can penalize employees for
- Are you giving each employee the 2.25m2 of open floor space he’s entitled to?
- How much is employee absenteeism costing your company?
- Two ways to identify absenteeism problems in your company
- Follow these 6 steps to issue a written warning to employees guilty of misconduct
- 7 Reasons for absenteeism and how you can manage them

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- Date on sick note
- Payment on a public holiday
- What is the best way to monitor absenteeism in the workplace?
- How do we spot patterns of absenteeism?
- What is the best way to monitor absenteeism in the workplace?
- What to include in absenteeism policy?
- absenteeism
- Sick Leave
- Can we reduce absenteeism without really spending money?
- How do you know if someone is abusing absenteeism?
- absenteeism
- disciplinary hearing: Alleged dishonesty
- absenteeism
- Annual leave or Off days?
- Employee in jail
- How to deal with staff who are always absent from work
- Absenteeism and sick leave
- What to do if an employee says he's not happy at work
- Absent because of a personal crisis
- Absent due to disability
- Dealing with absenteeism without permission
- dismissal
- Different types of absenteeism
- Auditing absenteeism
- Sick Leave Absenteeism Record
- Abusing sick leave
- Staff members who are constantly absent from work
- Dealing with absenteeism
- The law on absenteeism
- Absenteeism rate
- Disciplining employees for absenteeism
- Questions to ask during an audit
- Absenteeism without permission as misconduct
- Dismissing an employee who’s gone AWOL
- Staff abusing leave
- Planned absences
- Difference between absenteeism and desertion
- Checklist to contact an employee who's absconded
- Disciplinary action: absenteeism
- Absent without approval
- No work, no pay
- Terminate employment
- Contacting employees via social network
- Manager granting leave when he wasn't authorised to
- Dismissal
- Probationary Employee Non performance and extended sick leave
- Employee absenteeism
- Can you dismiss an employee for a charge he was not initially charged with?
- Abuse of sick leave
- How can I improve company moral?
- How should I deal with an employee who absconded?
- Do I have to give paid sick leave?
- How do I deal with an absent employee?
- How can I stop my one employee from being absent on Mondays?
- How do I reduce absenteeism?
- How are other companies dealing with absenteeism?
- What are the dos and don’ts when dealing with absenteeism?
- Absenteeism
- What causes employee absenteeism?
- Is there a procedure I must follow when an absent employee returns to work?
- How do I distinguish absenteeism from desertion?
- Substance abuse
- Dc policies and penalties
- How do I manage absenteeism?
- What to do about an absent employee
- How competitive is South Africa's workforce?
- Absenteesim Counselling Form
- Absenteeism
- Absenteeism
- Absenteeism
- absenteeism
- What are important Hr policies and practices that have an impact on internal staffing decisions
- absenteeism policy
- abseenteeism
- Absenteeism
- Half Day
- Leave policy
- time period for absenteeism dismissal
- Absenteeism
- Person not a work for days with out Notice
- Do I have to pay him his leave pay or can we take that in lieu of notice.
- Workers are disappearing off to circumcision school every other month
- Can we terminate an employee’s services by stating she is still on probation?
- Can I give my employee a warning for absenteeism?
- Do I have to pay for my employee’s rehabilitation?
- Can I discipline an absent employee?
- Does this constitute grounds for dismissal?
- habitual absenteeism
- Unfair dismissal although not dismissed.
- What charges must be preferred against her? We want to dismiss her.
- Can you force them to go for mental evaluation/drug tests or therapy or something like that?
- are we in a position to dismiss the employee based on incapacity?
- Please advise if the company can terminate his employment.
- Can I charge my employee with being AWOL?
- Excessive or habitual absenteeism
- Will our verbal agreement about working hours and days hold up?
- Using LIFO, which of these employees must we select to transfer?
- How must I treat these cases of absence?
- Discipline
- What action can we take for unauthorised absence from work?
- Can we discipline one employee but not another?
- Can I force him to take a drug test or go for therapy?
- Can we ask the CCMA to dismiss this case of absenteeism?


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